The District is now purchasing all of its water from

the Hancock County Utility Authority

  Phase I Shoreline Park

This Project included a well that is approximately 800 ft deep and can supply 1,200 gallons of water per minute.  The water tower is located at the intersections of Washington Ave. and Chapman Ave.  It is a 150,000 gallon elevated water.  This Phase I Water project included all areas off of Central Avenue and Avenue B east of Hwy 603 which is approximately 850 homes and businesses. 


Phase II Shoreline Park

The first area in the Phase II Water Project includes the areas east of Hwy 603, including Garden Isles, Jourdan River Isles and the Blue Meadow areas. This first area  will    serve approximately 560 homes.  Hopefully in the near future we will be able to complete the whole Phase II Water Project which will include 500 more customers when funding becomes available.


 Phase III Shoreline Park

  The third phase will complete all areas west of Hwy 603 in the Shoreline Park area approximately 1,000 homes.  This project will begin when funding is available.  

Bayside Park

  The Phase I & II Water Project which includes about 800 homes is complete. Phase III is in process and will be complete by December 2015.


      Texas & Lagan Street

  The District has started a new water line project on Texas & Lagan Street.  All materials are being paid for by the District with funds that were included in the budget for capital improvement water projects.  The new water line is being installed by the District's Maintenance Crew.  New customers will be required to pay for their new water meter, deposit and a permit fee.


The District's future plans are to provide public water to all of the areas of Hancock County south of  I-10 that are located in the Districts Certificated water areas.




Hancock County Water & Sewer District is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider & Employer